Day One


New month – no time better than the present to self-evaluate. I refuse to beat myself up; I’m a work in progress. 

Physically- for 47 I’m looking pretty good: no wrinkles, boobs are perky. Weight…eh I could lose a few pounds. Healthy as a horse. No one in the household has “the Scourge”. 

Financially- I’m employed with a steady paycheck and thankful I work from home. Been with the company almost 18 years. 

Roof over my family’s head, food in the fridge, family is happy and healthy & the bills are paid. Life is good. 

What to work on: pre-menopause what a pain in the ass. There are days where I know I make Sybil seem well adjusted. You want to make a terrorist talk, don’t water board them, give them hot flashes, multiple periods a month & and turn them into an emotional fuckwit. I can guarantee they WILL talk. 

On that note, I want to lose 20 pounds which is easier said than done. I want to get off the emotional rollercoaster. And I’d appreciate it if Aunt Flo just left a note at the door. 

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