21 Day Challenge

Today I start my 21 day challenge for December, after the gluttonous week of Thanksgiving. Although, I am very thankful that I had the ability to be gluttonous. That is a blessing within itself. But when my pants don’t fit – and I have to lay on the bed to zip up my jeans, time to pay the piper and get back up on the saddle.

Step One – weigh in. My scale and I have developed a truce of sorts – I can step on it now without grimacing. A number is just a number and only I have the ability to accept it and improve upon it.

Weight 1**lbs (ha ha -you really think I’d post THAT?)

Step Two – measurements. Here’s where I get a little WTF…We as women have all been ingrained to be a perfect size 2 – well I for one am genetically not able to be a size 2 – at least not anymore. So as I’m preparing myself to take these measurements – I need to be cognizant that these too are only numbers and if I so desire I can improve upon these as well.

  • BUST
  • HIPS

Step Three – photographs; specifically BEFORE photographs. No one likes to be a “before” photograph. Why? Because you have to acknowledge your perceived shortcomings- you have to look at yourself dead on and see fault; at least that’s how we’ve been trained. I think today is the day, at least for me that I’m going to look at these “before” photographs not with shame or embarrassment but with pride – that yes, I need to work on a few things, I’m not perfect. But no one else is either – I don’t have the team of airbrushers that the fashion industry does. I don’t work out 3-4 daily in fear of gaining weight. I have battled my eating disorders/addictions and have prevailed. I have been on this Earth for almost 48 years – with battle scars to prove it. Some people aren’t so lucky. So yes, my “before” pictures are a baseline of whom I am and a starting point of what I can accomplish.

Step Four – commitment. Can I commit to a challenge lasting 21 days without cheating? Can I be honest with myself and what I want to accomplish and prove to myself. This is the part of the process where you have to look within yourself and say yes, regardless how there will be days you don’t want to exercise, drink water, or stick to a balanced eating plan (NOTE: not DIET as that has the word “die” in it – hard pass) you need to pull yourself by your big girl pants and just keep doing it. You made a promise to yourself; which leads me to the next step…

Step Five- accountability. This attribute seems to be something lacking in general society as a whole. In order to get the most out of life, out of yourself, you need to hold yourself accountable for your actions. If I cheat and eat a Suzy Q – that’s on me and no one else. So in order to hold myself accountable I’m doing this blog – keeping track of who I am and what I do. Each week when when I weigh and measure myself – I will keep track of my progress (fingers crossed) and document my journey.

There you have it – my 21 Day Challenge and 5 steps to accomplish my goals. What are my goals? Simple – to be able to wear my clothes loosely and not have to lay on my bed to zip up my jeans.

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