So the Journey Continues…

Every Sunday morning – that’s my date with destiny: weekly weigh-in & measurements noted. Must admit, at first I dreaded it. Chubby girls don’t like numbers…the quote, “rub lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again…” SIDEBAR- I took my Grandma to see the movie when it first came to the theatre. I just thought it would be your basic murder mystery…


The process is simple: wake up, go to the bathroom, have 1/2 a fag, grab a cup of cold Java with my protein Herbalife shake. Walk over to the scale, fag sticking on my bottom lip, drop my clothes and step up on the scale in my Lady Godiva attire. I give the scale a nasty look as if to say, “be nice…or die.” Scale spits out a number -which I shan’t reveal. Next I step off and go to…The Measurement List…

  • Chest (lost over an inch…the ladies are becoming girls…my husband laments)
  • Waist (lost 3 inches: wow!!! the hourglass is losing sand in the middle)
  • Hips (lost an inch…because they don’t lie)
  • Thighs (lost an inch total…will be cracking walnuts soon)
  • Arms (lost about a 1/2 inch weight training by lifting the kids)

I document the numbers. My mantra is to never put anything in writing that can be used against me at a later date, but in this case, I make an exception. Extortion be damned.

Overall, I’m proud of myself: sticking to my diet. Have I mentioned I despise that word: not only does it contain “die” but it always seems to have a negative vibe, like I’m being denied. Herbalife has made a vast difference in how I view the word “diet” as I see it now as anything I ingest: the good, the bad…and the ugly. 🤪

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