The Voyage

My crew abandoned me and I was all alone. Sunny days meant nothing to me. The ocean she was never calm. Navigated through tempests and storms lightning struck my mast and shattered it into the sea.I tried to find Safe-harbor a couple of times but those were a farce. Out into the blue I drifted.

Months went by and I had given up all hope. No stars to guide me, the horizon always shifting from under me; I was on my last rope. My skin was sunbaked, my lips were dry. My vision was lost out of my right eye. I knew I was going to die.

Something interesting happened, can’t explain why. On the one day the waters were calm I looked out to the starboard side and I saw a glass bottle with a note in it just bobbing by. I retrieved the bottle and popped off the cork, and pulled out the parchment. It wasn’t a letter but a treasure map scrolled in what appeared to be a little boy’s hand. Curiosity got the best of me; what did I have to lose?

With my beat up astrolabe in hand I set a course for the island detailed on the map. The ocean, she was amazingly calm and rocked me gently to my destination.

I lost track of time when alas I saw the island – it was as unremarkable as the journey not too much green but plenty of sand And Rocky mounts. Surprisingly, this island provided me something the others did not, a safe haven to moor my ship. The land was more vast than I thought, and I walked and crawled for days following the trail of my hunt. X marked the spot right next to the bluest pool I’ve ever seen – wild flowers and grasses were lush. A new found strength and peace overcame me, my bloodied lips lips smiled for the first time. A lightness filled me from within that I could not explain. Slowly and with care, I dug up the mariner’s chest. The thick Patinaed wood the metal lock rusted shut. I was to be the first pirate to open this chest in many a year, was rather apprehensive of what I’d find here.

I took a rock and broke open the lock. Slowly I opened the creaking lid and inside was what the most beautiful treasure I’d ever seen – that it brought once lost tears to my sun burnt eyes. I held it close and dear to my heart – this most beautiful treasure. I didn’t know what would become of me, but from that exact moment in time, I knew emphatically all would be fine.

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