A Post From a Friend of Mine

I was on a site that talked about negative reactions that people, or their loved ones had due to the Covid vaccine. It was eye opening, but FB took that site off . They started it up again, in disguise, but FB found them and deleted the site. I have had a friend’s mom die after the Covid vaccine . Shock and horror, they had no idea how she all of a sudden had congestive heart failure. It’s been one of the common symptoms that I have read about. Now, my mother, who has never had issues with her heart , has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure .I didn’t want her to get the vaccine, after ALL I have read and researched, but she did so she can see us, due to the guidelines at the place she is currently living. I’m not shocked this crap has polluted her body, or anyone else’s for that matter. If anyone is on the fence about the vaccine, DON’T get the vaccine without researching everything about it. They hide the sites that real live people had real personal side effects,

or love one’s who had side effects or death, caused from the vaccine. So research … find true experiences. It’s not easy because it’s hidden, and research will be hard. This will probably be deleted. We shall see…

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