Largest Government Psy-Ops in History

If the “vaccine” is harmless with “minimal” side effects, then WHY does the government feel the need to incentivize the American people to run down and get the shot?

  • Joints for Jabs;
  • Free Beer;
  • Raffles for Guns; and
  • Win Cash Prizes to name a few.

This is a social psychological experiment foisted on the American public by our government. When the threat of “death and disease” didn’t work, when the tag line: “Do The Right Thing” didn’t work, when the plethora of celebrities lining up “to get theirs” didn’t work, now our present and future health/quality of life are being bought off with free gifts with purchase.

IF this “vaccine” is so great, why the need to incentivize? Is this the government’s way of testing the waters for future endeavors paying off the flocks like lambs to slaughter? Controlling the populace with freebies?

I seem to recall the last time a government herded their citizens, a mass genocide occurred and WWII came about.

IF this “vaccine” is so benign and effective with eradicating COVID,

  • Why isn’t it FDA approved?
  • Why doesn’t it stop the spread of the actual virus?
  • Why per VAERS have there been over 295,000 (as of May 28, 2021) REPORTED SEVERE side effects (and counting)?
  • Why has the miscarriage rate in the UK skyrocketed to 336% among the vaccinated?
  • Why haven’t the CDC and FDA been transparent in reporting the dangers of these “vaccines”?
  • Why hasn’t the government encouraged the use of ivermectin? This medication has documented proof as THE prophylactic and cure for COVID and at the fraction of the cost of the vaccines with minimal side effects.
  • Why hasn’t the government encouraged other prophylactics such as zinc, vitamin D and Quercetin in the prevention of COVID?
  • Why are those whom voice questions and concerns about these “vaccines” ridiculed and censored?

But most importantly ask yourselves why are you being discouraged from free thought and the ability to make educated decisions regarding your health and well-being…

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