Just My 2 Cents

Remember when we were all told that COVID was a respiratory virus? Wear your masks? Well…guess what, it’s not.

Doctors and researchers are discovering that COVID is a vascular disease. So the “vaccines” are now wreaking havoc on everyone’s vascular systems & also destroying healthy immune systems – hence the variants, hence the “rare” blood and heart diseases becoming more prevalent. Look at all the young adults (the vast majority of them being healthy with no underlying health issues) having Heart Attacks and cardio myopathy.

Look at how this manufactured virus and “vaccine” is killing off the elderly, young adults (primarily males), anyone with underlying health issues, individuals living in close knit groups…coincidentally many of those whom rely on public assistance and/or social security (the largest Ponzi scheme ever)…

Remember Bill Gates wanting to depopulate the planet via forced vaccination? The Constant Gardener, anyone? Kingsman calling?

This is Kingsman type global evil…

I hope light bulbs are going off because let’s face it, WE’VE BEEN LIED TO.

And there it is.

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