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Secretary General of Human Rights Security Council Lodges Criminal Complaint Against Vaccine Syndicate


In a long overdue action against the Vaccine Syndicate including World Health Organization (WHO) officials, Big Tech and Pharma companies regarding their questionable actions related to Covid-19 pandemic, the Secretary General of Human Rights Security Council has lodged a formal complaint against the Vaccine Syndicate with the Prime Minister of India’s office.

In his 132 page complaint (read all documents below), the complainant has given all the proofs of the crimes committed by the Vaccine Syndicate assumed to be headed by Bill Gates.

In another case of unauthorized experimental trial of HPV vaccines causing death of 8 female children, the Parliamentary committee of India has already recommended investigation and prosecution against various persons including office bearers of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Immediate direction for implementation of Parliamentary Committee’s 72nd Report and recommendations of investigation and prosecution of office bearers of ‘toxic philanthropist’ and Vaccine Syndicate’s Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the concerned officials of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) responsible for death of 8 female children because of unauthorized, unlawful & unapproved vaccines.

You can read here the untold story of how Bill Gates funded NGO PATH killed tribal girls in India in unauthorised clinical trials and got away with it.

The said report is already held to be legally admissible evidence by the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India.

The complainant has also arraigned Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Mr. Jack Dorsey of Twitter and officials of Google.

The complaint also urges for providing immediate protection to all the Whistleblowers and their witnesses who have already exposed and continue to expose the Vaccine Syndicate comprising of Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Science.

The Complainant has requested the Indian Bar Association to represent his case before all forums and to take it to its logical conclusions.

The Indian Bar Association has already taken legal action against the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan for her role in spreading disinformation and suppressing data on the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

The complainant has relied on following important evidences;

  • Parliamentary Committee’s 72nd Report.
  • Audit Report of committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India.
  • Effects of ongoing investigation by Delhi Police regarding ‘Corona Toolkit’.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Covid-19 Dossier prepared by Dr. David E. Martin.
  • America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper on Covid-19 Experimental Vaccine Candidate.
  • Scientific Data given by Front Line Critical COVID-19 Care Alliance (FLCCC), British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Panel (BIRD)Research Square.
  • Earlier attempts by Bill Gates to kill Children in Polio doses explained in an article by GreatGameIndia.
  • Earlier attempts of false pandemic of Swine Flu by officials of WHOand Europian Unions enquiry on it.
  • Data provided by the volunteers of Awaken India Movement and many other authentic and scientific data and related articles. 

Read all related documents below.

HRSC Letter to the Prime Minister of India:

Page 1 / 132Zoom 100%

Case status with PMO:Pa

ge 1 / 1Zoom 100%

Letter by Indian Bar Association to Prime Minister of India:

Case status of representation given by Indian Bar Association:

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