Insurrection in Legoland

If the FBI is not reeling from abject humiliation, they should be. Read on.

by Mark Steyn

Wednesday’s Fox News Primetime opened with my monologue on the media jubilee for the semi-anniversary of the January 6th Storming of the Bastille 2.0:

Meanwhile, The Daily Beast has new details of the painstaking plans that went into the most insurrectionally insurrectional insurrection ever. Normally we’d use the Fox News Alert sting to bring you this headline, but in the entire history of music there are no notes and chords dramatic enough to convey the full horror of this breaking news:

‘Riot Leader Had ‘Fully Constructed U.S. Capitol Lego Set’ at Home, FBI Says’

Dozens of crack G-men from the FBI descended on the home of a Pennsylvania man – Robert Morss, 27 – alleged to have plotted the insurrection in league with Donald J Trump, Robert E Lee, and others, and discovered as Exhibit A in the forthcoming show trial that he had a fully finished Lego set of the Capitol Building…

By the way, anyone twelve or older – 27, in the case of Mr Morss – can just go online and buy this Lego set. You don’t need a government permit or anything.

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