Hong Hong Phooey

Let’s not forget the avian flu during ozbama’s reign. Yet CRICKETS from the CDC and MSM. Heart disease is our number one killer – yet NOTHING from the CDC and MSM. Diabetes kills but yet we give FOR FREE needles to addicts. Obesity kills 1 out of 3 are overweight but yet we encourage it and applaud it as a medal of honour…

By S. C. Schebella

“The Hong Kong Flu (H3N2) of 1968, killed 1 million worldwide, and 100,000 in the US, most excess deaths being in people 65+ (via the CDC). Nothing changed economically, nothing closed, no social distancing, no masks. No one was considered selfish then.”

Many people went to Woodstock in a van stuffed with 12 people, each with 12 dollars, 2 or 3 hits of acid, some weed, and 20 diet pills for nourishment in their pockets.

Now some of these same people are cowering in fear for their lives.

Sorry, I refuse to live like that.

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