Relationships 101

By Sean Whalen

Y’all want a great relationship?

Lots of sex.
Incredible connection.
Lots of laughs.

It’s simple.

Go all in.

Speak truth 24/7.

Never lie.
Never hide.
Never assume.

The Bible says to make sure your conversation is YEA YEA, NEA NEA.

I spent a long time and did a lot of work to build what I have right now with my queen.

To be in a place where I do me, and she does her, and we meet in the middle.

Pushing each other to maximize our skills.

Pushing each other to be better.

But not being better because we are pushed, but because we chose to be better for ourselves.

We don’t argue.
We don’t fight.

Yea we disagree on things but we are never enemies or against each other.

We operate as a team and we solve problems together.

Relationships are only difficult when we operate from pride and ego.

When we act like little children and sit in the corner and pout.

That ain’t fun.
That ain’t profitable.
That ain’t sexy.

Go all in on yourself.

Go all in on your relationship.

Do the work necessary to form a team.

Best decision I’ve made so far is doing the work on me to become the man for this relationship.

Much love y’all. 👊🏼❤️

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