Time to Stop Bending Over – an Editorial

The link to the author’s rebuttal regarding CNN is contained within the editorial. Read on…

By S.C. Schebella

During the Second World War, the top individual tax rate rose to 94 percent and remained at 91 percent for nearly two decades—until 1964. There was no fucking reason for it to linger that long, but it did because Americans were lied to.

In 1935 Citizens were mandated to pay Social Security Tax to create pensions for the elderly and so they did, sounds good, fuck it.

Now this shit bag article by (CNN) It is time to impose vaccine mandates and passports. Time to be Patriotic once again by getting juiced with a substance that has zero fucking long term affects data.


If people bend over for this one it won’t stop there, you can bank on that.

If I had Covid-19 should I still get the shot?

Yes, because we don’t know how long the antibodies will last in your system.

How long does the Covid-19 shot last?

We don’t know yet, but get it anyway.

Will the shot help everyone?

No, because all immune systems are a little different.

Can I still get Covid-19 and die if I get the shot?

Yes, but most will live because they won’t be as sick.

How come before there was the shot everyone died of Covid-19, even people in Hospice, and my drunk Uncle Leroy who drove off a cliff and plunged down 430 feet in the Rocky Mountains had cause of death listed as Covid-19; but now cause of death after having the shot is because of an already compromised immune system?

Someone mute this asshole’s mic and get him the fuck out of here!

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