Michigan Democratic Gov. Whitmer’s Nursing Home Death Toll To Be Audited

This isn’t just about a gross misuse and overreach of power. On a singular level, it’s about vanity and cruelty. On a far reaching level, it’s about vindictiveness and the destruction of a group of individuals – our elderly.

The Madwoman of Lansing on several occasions (links included) flouted her true character (or lack thereof) her own dictates. Her vindictiveness has been on full display and her wraith has targeted her citizens. Read on…

Complete with Cartier sunglasses

By Liam Edgar

Last October, conservative comedian and podcaster Steven Crowder drew roughly 1,000 people to a rally in his native Michigan to call out Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for Cuomoizing elderly nursing home residents by sending them back into facilities afflicted by COVID-19.

Now, nine months later, Michigan’s top state oversight official wants an accounting from Whitmer about the effects of that policy.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Doug Ringler, Michigan’s auditor general, said he would audit the accuracy of the state’s data on virus-related deaths in long-term care facilities.

“Republicans have argued Whitmer’s administration undercounted deaths after the governor allowed COVID-infected seniors to return to nursing homes for treatment,” the Free Beacon noted.

The state’s top health official disputes such claims, and maintains the numbers are accurate.

On the other hand, state Rep. Steve Johnson, a Republican who advocated for the audit and chairman of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, recently told the Detroit News, “I am confident that the auditor general will provide us with a more accurate picture of the deadly results of Gov. Whitmer’s decision to place COVID positive patients in long-term care facilities.”

Roughly a third of all of Michigan’s COVID deaths have occurred in nursing homes. 

Whitmer has been strongly criticized by conservatives for botching the state’s response to the virus, including the fact, as The Free Press reported, that she and two top administration officials disregardedWhitmer’s own stay-at-home policies earlier this year.

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