What Are Conservative Values?

by Bartholomew Chiaroscuro:

The first that spring to mind for me are:

  • small government;
  • individual liberty;
  • low taxation;
  • national pride;
  • a belief that strong borders protect the citizens you have a duty to protect;
  • respect for history;
  • a belief in the continuity and worth of your nation combined with a distrust of the State as an interventionist solution;
  • trust in the wisdom of the average person;
  • a certain pragmatism that prefers observed facts over abstract theories;
  • traditional moral attitudes;
  • respect for Judaism and Christianity;
  • a love of tradition;
  • a fear of sudden revolutionary social changes;
  • private enterprise;
  • and a general dislike and distrust of thought control, bureaucracy, and government meddling; and
  • reckless spending and all the other features of an over mighty executive, managerial or political class.

Economic good management tends to be an natural consequence of these principles, and support for free trade a natural consequence of the belief in individual liberty and the distrust of burdensome State interventions.

Every single one of these basic Conservative principles are entirely absent from the British Conservative party, but also from the majority of politicians in the US Republican Party, and certainly from mainstream supposedly rightwing newspapers, or most ‘Conservative’ parties in Western Europe. Germany, for instance, saw the reckless encouragement of mass migration by a supposedly ‘Conservative’ leader.

In England, Conservatives once specialised in fiercely opposing sudden social changes, offering instead gradual evolution that extended rights whilst still recognising responsibilities.

This cautious approach allowed England a political stability that was notably absent from European rivals, giving Britain as a whole an added advantage in international competition.

One of the key texts of formative conservative values was that of Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France, the lessons and warnings of which helped to allow Britain to avoid a similar bloody uprising.

All of the policies pursued under lockdown measures, or as claimed responses to covid, or as Great Reset aims on social organisation, or of ‘social justice’ and modern identity politics, are fundamentally antithetical to conservative values.

Only one British conservative MP made passionate reference to this fact, and he has subsequently voted for the measures he knows are the opposite of true conservatism.

  • Conservatives, real ones, do not trust the State above the individual.
  • They do not engage in vast experiments with unknown consequences.
  • They wish to conserve, not radically and recklessly transform.
  • They do not strip their countrymen of basic and ancient rights.
  • They do not massively expand the State.
  • And they do not side with Marxist gestures and with radicalised academic theories above the good honest people of their nation, living and dead, that these theories and their adherents despise.

A media that is out of control and pushing Marxist narratives would prompt a real Conservative to seek ways to restrain its excesses, for the preservation, the conservation, of the rights of the ordinary person.

Though reluctant and cautious in State intervention, a Conservative will use some authority on behalf of Conservative values.

If he does not, there is no point in him calling himself a conservative.

Values have to be defended.

Individuals have to be defended.

Free speech has to be defended.

Current Conservatives do not do this.

We are living through a technocratic-globalist Revolution, an unprecedented power grab and diminution of national sovereignty, individual liberty, and basic human rights.

Conservatives, rather than being horrified by this reckless engineered change, are enthusiastic agents of it and controlled puppets regarding the agendas it entails.

We are simultaneously living through a racial Revolution, not one that creates a beneficial equality, but one that seeks to permanently assign inferior status to the majority of the populace based on skin colour alone.

It is a Revolution, like the technocratic one, that creates a ruling elite utterly contemptuous of the history, rights, culture and even aspirations of the people conservatism once respected.

It is one that demands total control over private thoughts and public spaces, and which leaves individual liberty, personal responsibility, and the right to manage your own life and thoughts in the gutter.

Both these revolutions offer the prospect of a form of mental, economic, and legal slavery to the mass of the populations of the West.

And neither are opposed at all by supposed Conservatives.

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