Shady Pines Ma, Shady Pines…

A conversation I overheard today, further proof that leftist liberalism is a mental illness…

MA: Are you getting the vaccine?


MA: You’re not thinking of your children! I can’t believe what a horrible, selfish parent you are! You’re going to get COVID, infect your entire family and kill your kids! And when you do, I’m going to go to the funerals and publicly blame it all on you! IT’S.ALL.YOUR.FAULT!

DAUGHTER: Your son got COVID, brought it home and infected his wife and kids. Not only did they have minimal effects on top of all their underlying health issues, but they miraculously lived to tell the tale. Is he a horrible parent?! Did you blame him?!

MA: No! That was all Trump’s fault!!

DAUGHTER: Shady Pines, Ma…Shady Pines.

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