What I Don’t Understand…Joe O’Biden and the COVID Vaccine

There’s a couple of things that perplex me – illogical if you will. Allow me to discuss…

1. The election of Joseph Beaucephus O’Biden.

Not withstanding the overt election fraud which is a whole other blog post, let’s look at some of his career highlights…

Granted, there are NUMEROUS gaffes and flat out LIES on O’Biden’s behalf, almost too numerous to count. However, I must carry on… Now, based on my last point, this leads me to the COVID “vaccine”, more specifically, the Moderna vaccine…

2. The Evolution of the Moderna COVID “vaccine”


Look at the date FILED: February 28, 2020. That date piqued my curiosity, especially when one looks at an abbreviated timeline of events:

How was Moderna able to create a “vaccine” when COVID-19 was only discovered in December 2019? Yet TWO months later Moderna created a viable “vaccine”?

After much consideration, I’ve come up with two possibilities…

  • 1. Did Moderna know of the COVID before then general public, before the WHO and CDC made their announcements?
  • 2. Did the Wuhan lab in China create a man-made a virus (whether intentionally or unintentionally) as possible biochemical warfare? IF that were the case, wouldn’t one require a “vaccine” created in conjunction with the virus, regardless of any and all potential side effects?
  • 3. If my hypothesis #2 is applicable, are the individuals whom have received the “vaccine” being used as test subjects on a mass scale to evaluate and maybe manipulate the “vaccine” in times of war?

Just some proverbial food for thought.

One thought on “What I Don’t Understand…Joe O’Biden and the COVID Vaccine

  1. Remember, how every democrat claimed that Trump was senile and incompetent to be president? Well GOD/Satan gave them Biden! Karma!


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