Never Again…

By Mark Steyn

Does the phrase “Never Again” have any real meaning to those condemning comparing today with the Holocaust?
I’d say we’re well past the equivalent of 1933.

Democrat governors have already murdered tens of thousands of elderly in nursing homes without anyone being tried before a court of law just like Hitler who began exterminating the mentally incapacitated. People are being brainwashed to hate whites just as the Germans were brainwashed to hate Jews.

Antifa and BLM are now the equivalent of the Brownshirts. The government is asking to see your papers and plans to send armed men door to door to force compliance. I totally get that this doesn’t equate with the Holocaust, yet, but the stage is being set for what’s coming and it’s becoming obvious what form it’s going to take.

“Imagine being a middle-class German in 1933. No one’s talking about exterminating millions of people – I mean, that would be just “lunatic” stuff, wouldn’t it? And you belong to a people that regards itself as the most civilized on the planet – with unsurpassed achievements in literature and music and science. You might, if you were so minded, call it Teutonic Exceptionalism. And you’re “progressive”, too: you pioneered the welfare state under Bismarck, and prototype hate-speech laws under the Weimar republic. And yes, some of the beer-hall crowd are a bit rough, but German Jews are the most assimilated on the planet.

The idea that such a society would commit genocide is not just “lunatic”, it’s literally unimaginable.”

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