The Numbers Game…What You’re NOT Being Told

“Let’s see what the response to delta brings in the coming months. Actions in the ICU’s at the moment are not currently good and getting worse daily.☹️

That was a response I received today regards to one of my COVID-19 “vaccinations” posts. It got me thinking about a conversation I had…

As of July 27, 2021, the State of Michigan had statewide, 904 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 or SUSPECTED COVID-19 (remember, the test that the CDC endorsed health care providers to use cannot differentiate between COVID-19 and the flu).,9753,7-406-98159-523641–,00.html

In Michigan, there are approximately 146 hospitals:

Now, if you do the math, 904 patients divided by 146 hospitals, that comes out to about 6 patients per hospital whom have COVID-19.

If you look at the stats in the link, there are only 23 patients under the age of 18 whom are hospitalized due to COVID-19 or SUSPECTED COVID-19. Now for the record, I am not downplaying any child having to be hospitalized, it sucks. However, children per even the CDC are quite resilient to COVID-19.

My point, the COVID-19 infection numbers have been greatly inflated as a means to an end; the end being to put the fear of G-d into anyone and everyone; to obfuscate the facts and true numbers to further push individuals over the edge to get the “vaccine”.

It’s all a numbers game and some of those numbers are DOLLAR signs.

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