Woke in Our Military?!

First, let me start off – I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. They write the Cheques that they’re ass may or may not have to cash. Their duty and honour to this country are unabated and unparalleled.

That being said, I am disgusted with the military’s higher Echelons encouraging CRT and diversity training. Shouldn’t the military be training their troops on the art of war vs. having them worry about a skin colour or which team one bats for? It’s absolutely ludicrous.

I say, WHO GIVES A FUCK?! Our troops are not meant to coddle one another and pass the Midol if GI Jane has cramps. Embrace the suck! Our military is here to defend and fight, go on the offense if need be. I’m not saying troops aren’t or should not be empathetic and/or compassionate. But being “woke” goes beyond the pale – for their own safety let alone ours it should not even be in the job description.

I can only imagine the Chi-com’s reaction to such training and the fact that our military bureaucrats and media are broadcasting just how in touch soldiers are with each other’s feelings and diverse backgrounds. I bet they are laughing their asses off – all the while taking notes to add to their intelligence arsenal.

“Russian state media amplified the video’s message further by claiming it shows the United States is “doomed.”

What video you may ask? It’s the latest and greatest, courtesy of the United States Army…and it’s an absolute embarrassment. Especially when that recruitment video is compared to the Chi-com and the Ruskies military recruitment adverts.

After seeing the Army’s recruitment advert, it prompted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), to tweet, “Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea,”

I do believe Sen. Cruz is correct. Watch for yourselves and weigh in.


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