Sunday’s Slapstick…

In my internet travels, I came across a character or rather a caricature.

Yes, she’s a democrat. Yes, she has those characteristic crazy eyes that seem to be an indicative trait of said party. But it’s what she’s NOT telling you – that is what makes her such a farce.

Per her own campaign page: “Dr. Debby Burnett is a fourth generation Coloradan. As a veterinarian of 18+ years, she’s worked with farmers and ranchers across our district to improve their lives and their livelihoods. As the mother of a 14-year old, she knows how to get twenty things done at once. And as a lifelong Coloradan, she understands what Colorado’s 3rd District needs — and is stepping up to give them a real voice in Congress.” That’s correct – Dr. Debbie is DVM. Her patients are ANIMALS. She per her LinkedIn page works ONLY one day a week at at Cheyenne (WY) Regional Medical Center as a physical therapist. Then there are those pesky numbers:

“Colorado has reported having 1,346 staffed adult ICU beds. 790 are filled by non-COVID patients and 102 are filled by COVID patients. Overall, 892 out of 1,346 (66%) are filled.” As of July 31, 2021

As Bob Newhart once said, “STOP! Just stop.”

These lies, these misrepresentations of truth- this let’s face it, this insanity has got to stop. Not ONE democrat advocates or even suggests alternative medicine (Ivermectin and or Hydroxychloroquine) to treat COVID-19. They ALL push for the “vaccine”. Why? Are they in bed with J&J, Moderna or Pfizer?

The old saying, The devil made me do it, comes to mind. But that’s a pointless excuse. “Lucifer is not responsible for our sins. They are ours and ours alone. Mankind is so desperate to find a scapegoat for their actions that they blame the Devil for convincing them to cheat on their spouse or steal from their place of employment. I’ve heard it all. No, the simple fact is mankind refuses to own up to their own actions and accept that they are weak.” Hunter Blain

From Demetri Antonis:

‘The pro-vaccine mandate crowd in both the GOP and DNC along with those in Christian leadership are participating in overt discriminatory acts against G-d’s image-bearers. Just as Hitler did to the Jews, The U.S. Congress did to Blacks, Native Americans, Japanese, unborn babies. Just as Pol Pot did to Cambodians and Mao did to the Chinese. Just as the Tutsi did to the Hutu “cockroaches.”

As you link arms with the evildoers in “government” to segregate the unvaxxed, as you support them losing their jobs and make inane pseudo-moral arguments against the unvaxxed being able to participate in society, just remember, history will one day record that YOU were the bad guys. You were the ones who did evil to His image-bearers.

And in the end, you will be proved to be the liars you are whoever once dared to utter the word “freedom.” You wouldn’t understand freedom if it bit you on the nose. Your actions prove this and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

History is watching you from afar. And that which you support in the deep darkness of your mind will one day be revealed.

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