Why the Constitution Is Vital to America and the World, and Why We Must Defend It

Now more than ever with the government eroding away our inherent G-d given rights. Read on my friends…

By Ryan Yang

With just four sheets of parchment, the Founding Fathers created one of the most influential texts ever written. This text would shape over two centuries of American history and would define who we are as a nation today. This text is the Constitution of the United States.

Designed to replace the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution established a uniquely American form of government. Built first and foremost to protect the God-given rights of every citizen, this form of government was different from any that came before it. Toeing the line between unchecked freedom and absolute order, the Constitution managed to deliver the best of both. While the European powers had expected the American experiment to fail, the Constitution allowed the country to flourish.

With extensive checks and balances and a radically new form of government that was by the people and for the people, the Constitution produced the most prosperous nation on Earth.

The Founding Fathers had given this new form of government one role, to protect the God-given rights of every man, to protect every man’s right to speech, protest, and property, among others. And during the Civil War, it was this principle that Abraham Lincoln used to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery.

In the ensuing decades, the Industrial Revolution and the World Wars brought America to the forefront of global affairs. But still, it was the principles of the Constitution that attracted world-class talent to America on the promise of safety, liberty, and opportunity.

By the second half of the 20th century, America had become the world’s sole superpower, giving it unparalleled influence over global affairs, allowing it to spread these ideas of freedom and democracy to every corner of the Earth.

Throughout the last half-century, the world experienced its longest era of peace and prosperity thanks to America’s leadership.

But now, the Constitution is under attack. Radicals frame it as a system of slavery and oppression, seeking to destroy everything it stands for. A perfect example of this is The New York Times’ 1619 project, which reimagines American history through the lens of slavery, presenting false facts and pushing false narratives to the American public.

The values of the Constitution have not been spared either. The Freedom of Speech is being eroded through continual social media censorship, and the Right to Bear Arms has been impeded through gun control laws.

Should they succeed in tearing down the Constitution, we would lose the values and principles that have come to define America through its glorious history. And if America loses the Constitution, the world loses its most important champion of freedom and its most stalwart defender against tyranny. What happens then? What happens if the world loses its shining city on the hill?

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