Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…

His Royal Wokeness, Princess Harry

Bartholomew Chiaroscuro explains why moderation and manners against the huge evil the Democrats are imposing, are useless:

“The first two things I saw on FB this morning were 1/a lengthy article from a moderate Republican who describes himself as a classical liberal and 2/a picture of Joe Biden yet again publicly fondling a distressed child.

The article was an interesting one. The writer lamented wokeness and recognised its totalitarian nature. But he was floundering. He repeated the boring and untrue woke view of Trump as corrupt and incompetent. He accepted their assumptions even as he lamented their power. And he worried about those on the Right who might become too angry, too embittered and too totalitarian themselves under the pressure of recent years. He worried about being radicalised because he could see just how unjust and grotesque wokeness is.

And then there is that picture of Biden groping another little girl. And a host of adults around, probably including the parents. All good liberals. All proud Democrats. Offering her up to his palsied hands. Saying nothing as he leered at her and pulled her close.

So many mainstream conservatives agonise about what they will become if they truly resist, rather than worrying about what will become of our children if they don’t. They fear a rightwing demagogue more than they fear a Marxist dictatorship. The second makes them sad. The first still terrifies them. They are haunted by the ghost of Hitler, whilst Stalin lives again. And this fear renders them useless.

The New Republican Party

Because it seems to me that classical liberalism is the very best approach for dealing with completely innocent people, or with wounded animals, or with children, or with those who mean you no harm. You can protect their rights and yours simultaneously. You can respect them and yourself at the same time, by the same measures.

But this is not the case with the governments of the world today, and with the institutions, and with the parties and billionaires who control them. It is not the case with any person who supports wokeness. These are not innocents. These are enemy combatants. Their permanent revolution cannot be halted by the kind of conservatives who worry that Trump was too crude or too rude. It can only be stopped by those of us who realise now that Trump was too polite and too restrained, too liberal, to cage the beast that threatens us all.

Classical liberalism offers us no solution for dealing with a rabid beast. You cannot restrain that monster with victories in a debate, or with some consensual and collegiate accommodation. It eats every offered compromise, and laughs on the crunched bones of every pathetic negotiator and appeaser who thinks that if they only reach a hand out in peace the beast will relent.

Churchill said that an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last. It was true of Nazism. It is true of Wokeness. We must stop fearing what we will become if we resist, and start fearing what the world is becoming because we haven’t resisted enough.”

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