Why Woke Is Far Worse Than Being PC


I made a comment this morning that just switched on a light bulb in my brain.

I noted that sometimes it is very difficult to appreciate the lesson you are being taught in the moment of the teaching – but there is something to be learned even from mucking cow crap out of stalls when one has the advantage of time and perspective.

There is a very important lesson to be learned from what is happening right now in Afghanistan.

I think everyone would define the Taliban as a force much closer to the raw, natural state of man that we are. Sure, they are radical religious fantasists, but they live by rules much closer to natural law than we do – their world is kill or be killed, dominate or be dominated.

Now we have evidence of how well our “enlightened”, woke, technologically advanced, contemporary culture performs when faced with a more savage, visceral enemy and if you are paying attention, you see which one won.

For goodness sake, the embassy staff flew a “Pride” flag over the facility in June. Somehow I doubt the Taliban cares about using the proper pronouns or which of the 764 genders you are. They will kill them/they, xhim/xher – doesn’t matter to them.

Sort of puts those CIA and Army recruiting videos in perspective now, doesn’t it?

Woke doesn’t defend against a 7.62mm round or a sword in the hand of someone who doesn’t care about your pronouns.

That is the lesson that should be learned, but it won’t be.

Reflection is an art form lacking in American governance, and that lack is especially endemic in the American left. That is why they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

– Michael Smith 8/14/21

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