O’Biden, You Sir Are NO Charlie Wilson

By SB Schebella

I’m NEVER embarrassed to be an American.

What politicians do do not always represent the people. Joe pissed off the Deep State this week, so he is fucked, along with his administration. The Left, BLM, ANTIFA they do not support the 80 million that did not vote for Joe.

American Contractors just lost countless of billions in overseas contracts. This won’t iron out lightly. It’s a gut bunch and an insult to all involved, but should we truly expect anything less from a coward?

It’s the Deep States turn now, let’s see what their next chess move is.

Don’t get me wrong these mother fuckers don’t have our best interest at heart either and never have. It’s the head of the snake eating its tail…days to come.

Want to take the attention off of passing mandate bills for Covid-19 Jabs?

Pull out of Afghanistan, leave 10,000 plus Americans behind and military equipment to be squandered to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, aka Taliban.

The U.S. State Department is advising American citizens in Kabul to take shelter and not try to get to the Hamid Karzai International Airport until further notice. Biden’s claim that no US embassy staff would be evacuated from Kabul by helicopter has been proven false.

This makes a lot of sense: The Swamp just got their Gravy Train derailed. Heads roll for less…

“I think you are going to see a lot of anger directed at Biden and his team from the Deep State and the army of public and private companies that have been feeding at Uncle Sam’s porky pig trough. The total collapse of U.S. policy in Afghanistan means the multi-billion dollar contractor feeding frenzy is over. And I am not talking only about companies engaged in military support/security services. Other likely candidates for the budgetary chopping block as the flood of U.S. assistance shrivels to a trickle (if that) are so-called humanitarian organizations working with women and orphans in Afghanistan. I would not be surprised to learn that the U.S. Government was funding programs to support homosexual and transgender rights in Afghanistan. Yeah, I’m sure the Taliban will be keen on keeping that boondoggle going.”Larry Johnson


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