The Great Mask Debate…

Now to insinuate I’m not concerned is incorrect, because I am – a great deal and so take precautions to keep myself and my family healthy. We take preventives: Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin D and we stay very healthy with exercise and good food choices. My friends who do the same have stayed very healthy as well.

However, it’s the time of year again…school is now in session, and with that…the resurrection of the great debate: to mandate masks or not to mandate masks…

Michigan Democrats Delete Tweet Pointing Out Gretchen Whitmer ‘Declined’ to Issue Statewide Mask Mandate

The Michigan Democratic Party deleted a tweet pointing out Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) “declined” to issue a statewide school mask mandate...Chad Livengood

As coronavirus cases rise, Whitmer has refused to exercise the powers she used months ago, despite repeatedly claiming she is “following the science,” leaving some to speculate she is now following polling and “political science.”

As schools reopen, Whitmer has been pressuring school boards and local health departments to issue their own orders, allowing her to merely issue more politically palatable “recommendations.”

After Oakland and Wayne counties – two of the most populous in the state – issued orders for schools, the Michigan Democratic Party praised the action in a now-deleted tweet:

Governor Whitmer declined to order mask mandates across the state,” the party noted. Why was the tweet deleted?! Campaign time is just around the corner…

Reporter Chad Livengood pointed out Whitmer has now attempted to make it a local control issue, shrugging off her past attempts to issue blanket orders statewide.

On Monday, an appeals court ruled Whitmer has the authority to impose a new school mask mandate.

For weeks, Whitmer has told residents her powers to make unilateral decisions were hampered by the Michigan Supreme Court and Republican legislature, effectively attempting to cast blame on her political foes for why she can’t make a decision she has apparently concluded is politically unpopular.

That rhetoric was undermined when the Sixth District U.S. Court of Appeals ruled against Resurrection School, which had claimed orders from Whitmer’s Department of Health and Human Services were unconstitutional.

Even so, Whitmer has refused to issue a new school mask mandate, instead making “strong recommendations,” according to Michigan Radio, saying there are “no plans to do any broad mandates.”

“We know that districts in large measure wanted the ability to make those decisions at the local level. We’re encouraging them to follow the CDC guidance,” Whitmer said.

In addition to seemingly changing her stance on broad mask mandates, Whitmer, previously, received sharp backlash for violating her own strict coronavirus regulations.

Earlier this year, a photo posted to social media seemingly showed Whitmer with a dozen other people at a bar. Multiple tables were pushed together although the state, at the time, required social distancing at restaurants, including having no more than six people at a table. I’m sure in was just “an honest mistake.”…

The entire mandate(s) between the mask and the C19 jab demonstrates a slippery slope towards a communist regime. After all, socialism is essentially communist-lite.

“Man is not free unless government is limited.”

Borrowed from a fellow Patriot…

Spoke to my constitutional sheriff today. He gave me some GREAT points to make if you’re standing up to this tyranny in the schools.

  • 1. Masks: what is your enforcement mechanism? Who will enforce this order?
  • 2. What role will the school play? Specifically, who will suspend students? For how long? Who will be responsible for enforcing truancy laws? (Because then you’ll know who to sue).
  • 3. After 18+ months, why has our legislature failed to make mask wearing or vaccinations a law? If they do have authority, is it under federal or state law? (It’s all unconstitutional so they can’t answer).
  • 4. If a lawful health department order (lawful key word) is it a civil infraction, a misdemeanor, or felony? Section number in constitution?
  • 5. What are the penalties for non-compliance? Jail? Fines? Suspension from school?

They cannot answer any of these questions without going against the State and US Constitution.

Below is great information from Ryan Johnson, a member of the Unmask Our Children Movement. While he’s based out of Michigan and references Michigan State Law, many states have similar laws.

So today was our son’s first day back to school in Troy. We sent him in with no mask. The teacher and principle knew we would be doing this because had prior sent them a Cease and Desist demand.

Our son was in his classroom about 20 minutes before the teacher called out to the principle and he came and asked our son if he had a mask or would wear one. We had prepared a statement printed out for our son to give to them after politely declining the mask.

What we expected would happen was they would then remove him from class (which they did) and call us to come pick him up, which would put them in directly violation of Michigan law MCL 380.1307b. But instead they removed him from the class and had him go to their study room and had the unallocated substitute teacher attend him and his lessons for the day (half day) without forcing a mask on him. That threw us off our plan for confronting this. Ultimately we reviewed the law and concluded 2 things.

  • 1. They were still in violation of MCL 380.1307b by removing him from the classroom because removing him became a penalty for not masking and thus a form of coercion attempting to force him to mask.
  • 2. By secluding him away from the other students due to non mask compliance what they did was segregate him and violating his 14th amendment rights under the color of law (aka, using the theory of law which was not law to violate his rights) which is a Federal Felony under Title 18, Section 242 of the federal penal code.

The principle had called the Troy police before we had, so we didn’t need to call. We filed a compliant with the police department with regards to violation of MCL 380.1307b.

That went down about how we expected. The officer attempted to use the same mental gymnastics to claim it wasn’t a violation by ignoring the plain text reading of the law.

I explained to him that is not how one would read that law and asked him if he had prior case precedents to support that interpretation of the law (same question we asked the Troy School District superintendent when floating that theory of the law). He was unable to provide that.

Hint: There is no such body of legal precedence to refer to and I very much doubt any judge will come to support such an interpretation.

The officer attempted to suggest we didn’t need to report future violations of this law. They clearly don’t want to have to deal with it. I asked the officer if I ran a convenience store and a person robbed me on Monday and I reported it, if the same person robbed me again on Tuesday I shouldn’t report it? I got my point. This goes back to Point 1 – who will enforce?

We have set the clear expectation that we will file this criminal complaint daily until the school and/or its employees stop violating the law in this manner. I put in my complaint we would be fine simply with them ceasing to violate our son’s rights moving forward rather than pressing charges, but if they will not want to comply with the law then we will insist upon pressing charges.

We then called the FBI. The FBI didn’t want to deal with it. They told us it was a civil matter and to sue. That’s an option, but Title 18, Section 242 are civil rights violations and most certainly a criminal violation under the federal statute.

They then said they can’t investigate it because the US Attorney’s office would never prosecute it and advised we talk to them. So we called the US Attorney’s Office, who essentially tried to tell us it was a civil matter again and when we pressed them on it being a violation of the “criminal” federal statute, they said we should discuss it with the FBI. The Keystone Cops comedy routine…

So we called the FBI again were given the same run around and demanded to talk to the supervisor at that field office. When pressed he said he would discuss it with his boss and see if there was anything they could do. Yeah, we’ll see.


Law enforcement knows these are crimes, but doesn’t want to deal with it. They would prefer we go the slow route of civil litigation so they don’t have to do anything. They hope, of course, we just go away. They feel us pesky peasants demanding that our rights be upheld to be a nuisance. But guess what. We DO HAVE RIGHTS and we should absolutely expect the law to uphold them. We should demand it.

We can tell just us doing this this just this one day is already making people in the system uncomfortable. THIS is how we get the law to recognize and protect our children’s rights.

This is from two concerned parents filing complaints for their child. Imagine if 10 of us did it…If 100 of us did it…Every damn day…

The system will fold.

So do what works for you and is in your best interest to stay healthy. That is how we live better lives. One size fits all should not be a tenant for medical science.

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