O’Biden, The Filthy Bastard.

by SB and GP Schebella

ONLY 8 months in with this regime…

Now into the third Ozbama Königreich, the regime continues to place blame on the previous administrations for their own chaos, courtesy of the progressive left wagging the dog.

The POSoTUS forgoes all the contingencies Trump set up so he could have a photo op on 9/11 to take credit for his success in the debacle he created.

Little Red Lying Hood continues to address the press and people spewing lies but demands that those peasants whom question authourity have their 1st Amendment rights squashed unilaterally.

The POSoTUS is depending on terrorists and their “good will” to enact his policy. Let that sink in…

Afghanistan is just the beginning of pissing off NATO, and a long on going push to destroy America from the inside.

Recently we have seen this Königreich paying farmers to burn crops, and other companies to dump oil.

Tens of Thousands of shipping containers in seaports and Port Authorities are being told, ‘let them sit’

The progressive left couldn’t kill all the small businesses and franchises with Covid laws so now they will force them into bankruptcy for lack of producing a service or product.

Next, people will lose their jobs, then go on survival income from the Königreich but that will be halted if one refuses the C19 jab and perhaps also refusing to surrender their firearms.

We need a 180 degree turn around NOW or freedom will be lost.

American people need to stop caving.

The POSoTUS when he was a mere VPOSoTUS didn’t give a shit about Benghazi and lied about it.

In case you missed it…

There is no Taliban without Pakistan, and yet the United States pays for all of Pakistan’s Intel and entire Defense Budget. Pakistan are nuclear capable with 165 warheads with a 1,700 mile range.

Recently, the POSoTUS told the President of Afghanistan we don’t care about your country, Pakistan is the most important country in that region.

Why you may ask? It’s simple. O’Biden is in bed with the Chi-com.

The Chi-com despise Muslims, hell they have the largest internment camps in the world for Muslims.

But here’s the deal, the Taliban have cut a deal with the Chi-com to mine their natural resources which is over 3 trillion dollars.

The opium could turn a huge profit if sold to big pharma, which I’m guessing they will, but that’s small potatoes compared to the natural resources.

Afghanistan has an abundance of Gold, Oil, Rare Gems, Natural Gas and shit-loads of Lithium, which is used in Cars, Laptops, just about any rechargeable device you can think of.

Well, that’s the hole-in-one shot for the globalists who make up a fraction of the population, while the rest of the world will be fucked once America falls and China becomes the entitled economical power house with the rest of the Western world sucking hind tit.

Some may say this is all hogwash…the dots don’t connect…this is conspiracy theory bullshit and so on…

I could care less because those are the same mind wiped assholes that got us here. Don’t fool yourselves there’s a lot more on the back burners we haven’t even found out about…yet.

Like they said in “Hill Street Blues”…Let’s Be Careful Out There.

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