Texas Abortion Law…Shag Responsibly

Sorry, not sorry as I agree with Texas’ approach. The libtard led media, ACLU and various Planned Parenthood groups are having their skivvies up in a bunch over this.

Your body, your choice is correct, but the other heart beat is unable to make a choice for themselves, so you won’t be going it in Texas if a heart beat can be detected.

“Abortion access will be thrown into absolute chaos,” says Amanda Williams, executive director of the abortion support group the Lilith Fund, a plaintiff in the suit that challenged the law. “Unfortunately, many people who need access the most will slip through the cracks, as we have seen over the years with the relentless attacks here in our state.”


How is “abortion access” being thrown into chaos? Don’t give me the rhetoric on how rape victims can’t get help. The “day after pill” is still readily accessible.
Don’t whine and say most women don’t know within six weeks if they’re pregnant. I’ve been pregnant three times, each time I knew within a month that I was pregnant.

“The law essentially bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and, uniquely, allows private citizens to bring suit against abortion providers.”


Key word folks, “essentially”…The law technically does not make abortions AFTER Six weeks illegal. What it’s saying to abortion providers, if you get caught providing an abortion after six weeks, a private 3rd party citizen has the ability to sue you. Thus turning the general public into whistleblowers…a very savvy move because now the Supreme Court declined to halt the restrictions. And if the SCOTUS won’t do halt the restrictions- lower courts sure as hell won’t.

UPDATE on Texas’ new Heartbeat Law:

In a 5-4 decision Wednesday night, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Texas law can remain in effect. Justices Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh have allowed the Texas law to remain enforceable, while Justices Roberts, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor would have stayed the law.

The majority did not rule on the substance of the law but rather sided with what Texas had argued: it’s unclear whether the named defendants can or will seek to enforce the Texas statute.

For example, Planned Parenthood named a pro-life advocate as a defendant because they believe he is likely to enforce the statute. The Court rightly rejected this argument. The minority would have blocked the law while litigation took place below. Thankfully, they fell one vote short of a majority.

This means that while litigation continues regarding the Texas heartbeat ban on the merits, Texas will remain essentially abortion-free. A brilliant litigation strategy.

Truth – what the abortion clinics are really having the tantrum over: they will be losing their cash cows, no pun intended…and considering what the cottage industry this has become, that’s a whole lot of greenbacks.

How’s that you may ask…The abortion pill, you’d think would have closed abortion mills, but the abortion industry is all about making money from health insurance and government subsidies.

I don’t think she has to worry about it…

This doesn’t go against Roe vs Wade, it simply puts a timeline of six weeks on it. If you can’t get your shit together within the allotted time frame, maybe you should keep both your feet on the floor.

The POSoTUS condemned the new law and reaffirmed the White House’s support for abortion rights. “This extreme Texas law blatantly violates the constitutional right established under Roe v Wade and upheld as a precedent for nearly half a century,” Biden said in the statement.


Oh really slapnuts? You of all people want to go there? May I remind you…

“…When I mentioned the women’s issue, Biden erupted. Almost rising from his chair, he said, “I am not sending my boy back there to risk his life on behalf of women’s rights, it just won’t work, that’s not what they’re there for.” [. . .] He said it ain’t going to happen…”

Richard Holbrooke

Sounds like you’re pandering there O’Biden…Sounds as if the POSoTUS only cares about his votes versus the individuals. Such a POS…

So shag responsibly, have some personal accountability for your actions or drive to one of the four bordering states or Mexico to get an abortion.

I am fed up with abortion being used as a form of birth control- that is what it boils down to. Why else would so many abortions be performed in this country on a daily basis?

Furthermore, why aren’t these clinics being value added and providing readily available birth control and sex education so these women don’t have to be put in the position of contemplating an abortion?

Funny how the catch phrase “My Body, My Choice” is anchored so strongly for abortion, but means next to nothing when it comes to mandating vaccines.

This obviously will upset the Liberals because they are use to trying to making everyone comply to their lifestyles.

Well played Texas, well played.

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