Marvin Boggs: “Do you know what’s wrong with this country? Sarah Ross: They’re all trying to kill us? Marvin Boggs: Exactly!” – RED, Oct 15, 2010

While RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) was Action/Comedy movie (and one of my favorites), this work of fiction holds several kernels of truth.

Are they, being the federal government, “all trying to kill us”? Let’s take a gander back in history…

Looney Gas

In the fall of 1924, five bodies from New Jersey were delivered to the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. You might not expect those out-of-state corpses to cause the chief medical examiner to worry about the dirt blowing in Manhattan streets. But they did…

The five men worked at the Standard Oil Refinery in Bayway, New Jersey. All of them spent their days in what plant employees nicknamed “the loony gas building”, a tidy brick structure where workers seemed to sicken as they handled a new gasoline additive…

The additive’s technical name was tetraethyl lead or, in industrial shorthand, TEL. It was developed by researchers at General Motors as an anti-knock formula, with the assurance that it was entirely safe to handle…

The problem, at that point, was that no one knew exactly why. Oh, they knew – or should have known – that tetraethyl lead was dangerous. As Charles Norris, chief medical examiner for New York City pointed out, the compound had been banned in Europe for years due to its toxic nature…

But while U.S. corporations hurried TEL into production in the 1920s, they did not hurry to understand its medical or environmental effects…

But fearing that such measures would spread, that they would be forced to find another anti-knock compound, as well as losing considerable money, the manufacturing companies demanded that the federal government take over the investigation and develop its own regulations. U.S. President Calvin Coolidge, a Republican and small-government conservative, moved rapidly in favor of the business interests…

In 1926, citing evidence from the TEL report, the federal government revoked all bans on production and sale of leaded gasoline. The reaction of industry was jubilant; one Standard Oil spokesman likened the compound to a “gift of God,” so great was its potential to improve automobile performance…

It was some fifty years later – in 1986 – that the United States formally banned lead as a gasoline additive. By that time, according to some estimates, so much lead had been deposited into soils, streets, building surfaces, that an estimated 68 million children would register toxic levels of lead absorption and some 5,000 American adults would die annually of lead-induced heart disease. As lead affects cognitive function, some neuroscientists also suggested that chronic lead exposure resulted in a measurable drop in IQ scores during the leaded gas era.


The Cliff Notes version: Standard Oil greased the federal government’s wheel and got Silent Cal his federal “task force” to deem ethyl gasoline SAFE for the consumers’ use. Hmmm…look where THAT got the American people: “an estimated 68 million children would register toxic levels of lead absorption and some 5,000 American adults would die annually of lead-induced heart disease.

Prohibition and Denatured Alcohol

The federal government had required companies to denature industrial alcohol to make it undrinkable as early as 1906, but during Prohibition it ordered them to add quinine, methyl alcohol and other toxic chemicals as a further deterrent.

Frustrated that people continued to consume so much alcohol even after it was banned, federal officials had decided to try a different kind of enforcement. They ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohols manufactured in the United States, products regularly stolen by bootleggers and resold as drinkable spirits. The idea was to scare people into giving up illicit drinking. Instead, by the time Prohibition ended in 1933, the federal poisoning program, by some estimates, had killed at least 10,000 people…

Although mostly forgotten today, the “chemist’s war of Prohibition” remains one of the strangest and most deadly decisions in American law-enforcement history. As one of its most outspoken opponents, Charles Norris, the chief medical examiner of New York City during the 1920s, liked to say, it was “our national experiment in extermination.”

To sell the stolen industrial alcohol, the liquor syndicates employed chemists to “renature” the products, returning them to a drinkable state. The bootleggers paid their chemists a lot more than the government did, and they excelled at their job. Stolen and redistilled alcohol became the primary source of liquor in the country. So federal officials ordered manufacturers to make their products far more deadly….

By mid-1927, the new denaturing formulas included some notable poisons—kerosene and brucine (a plant alkaloid closely related to strychnine), gasoline, benzene, cadmium, iodine, zinc, mercury salts, nicotine, ether, formaldehyde, chloroform, camphor, carbolic acid, quinine, and acetone. The Treasury Department also demanded more methyl alcohol be added—up to 10 percent of total product. It was the last that proved most deadly…

The results were immediate, starting with that horrific holiday body count in the closing days of 1926. Public health officials responded with shock. “The government knows it is not stopping drinking by putting poison in alcohol,” New York City medical examiner Charles Norris said at a hastily organized press conference. “[Y]et it continues its poisoning processes, heedless of the fact that people determined to drink are daily absorbing that poison. Knowing this to be true, the United States government must be charged with the moral responsibility for the deaths that poisoned liquor causes, although it cannot be held legally responsible.”

The Chemist’s War

To paraphrase, the federal government knowing POISONED thus murdering its own citizens during Prohibition. Sound familiar? This practice, the federal government knowingly endangering and killing its own citizens isn’t anything new, and apparently an accepted practice…

…remember the U.S. government’s controversial decision in the 1970s to spray Mexican marijuana fields with Paraquat, an herbicide. Its use was primarily intended to destroy crops, but government officials also insisted that awareness of the toxin would deter marijuana smokers. They echoed the official position of the 1920s—if some citizens ended up poisoned, well, they’d brought it upon themselves. Although Paraquat wasn’t really all that toxic, the outcry forced the government to drop the plan. Still, the incident created an unsurprising lack of trust in government motives, which reveals itself in the occasional rumors circulating today that federal agencies, such as the CIA, mix poison into the illegal drug supply…


The Infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment

In the fall of 1932, the fliers began appearing around Macon County, Ala., promising “colored people” special treatment for “bad blood.”

“Free Blood Test; Free Treatment, By County Health Department and Government Doctors,” the black and white signs said. “YOU MAY FEEL WELL AND STILL HAVE BAD BLOOD. COME AND BRING ALL YOUR FAMILY.”

Hundreds of men — all black and many of them poor — signed up. Some of the men thought they were being treated for rheumatism or bad stomachs. They were promised free meals, free physicals and free burial insurance…

What the signs never told them was they would become part of the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” a secret experiment conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the progression of the deadly venereal disease — without treatment.

‘You’ve got bad blood’

So a covert and highly unethical study conducted over a FORTY year time span by the US Public Health Service AND Centers for Disease Control caused generational repercussions still felt today for the Tuskegee community:

By the end of the study in 1972, only 74 of the test subjects were still alive. Of the original 399 men, 28 had died of syphilis, 100 died of related complications, 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children were born with congenital syphilis.


Purposely lying to and infecting American citizens in the “name of science”…sound familiar yet? Did the federal government experience any financial or legal responsibilities? Nope. Although, Slick Willy did offer an apology…Margaret Sanger would be proud…she was a HUGE proponent of eugenics? Doubt me? Check out where Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are located…they’re never in the “good” parts of town.

The Covid-19 Federal Mandate

Russian propaganda is done more professional that this…

All that history (and I’m sure there are more examples of such) leads me to the most recent fraud against the American people. The POSoTUS is following the tradition of the federal government bowing to greed and corruption that will follow us for generations to come.

Moderna chief medical officer, Tal Zaks, stated in a TED talk that “we are actually hacking the software of life” Moderna describes our genes and their transcription into proteins as “our operating system” and its vaccine as a “computer operating system.”

Hacking the Software of Life

Dr. Tal Zaks, the chief medical officer at Moderna Inc., explained in a 2017 TED talk how the company’s mRNA vaccine was designed to work. Over the last 30 years, he said, “we’ve been living this phenomenal digital scientific revolution, and I’m here today to tell you, that we are actually hacking the software of life, and that it’s changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease.”

He went on to explain that the human body is made up of organs and organs are made up of cells.

“In every cell there’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA in our genes to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what the cell will do. So we think about it as an operating system.

“So if you could change that, if you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out, that has profound implications for everything, from the flu to cancer.”


So what does this mean?

Think about this – take a population of say 3 million people, all injected with one of the COVID-19 “vaccines”. A certain percentage of women of child bearing age are not getting their periods. Note: the federal government has now allocated 1.6 million dollars into a study researching this “phenomenon”. So now the women that are able to reproduce are now mating with males. Both parties involved – their DNA has been altered, they’re both essentially GMOs. Now their offset will carry these mutated genetic codes to pass on to their offspring and so forth.

However, the breeding pool decreases every generation because of that mutated DNA and the posit of sterility. What does THAT tell you?

It was never about the virus – it was ALWAYS about the vaccine. The mad push to get any and everyone possible infected and monitor accordingly.

In June 2021, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson held a news conference with families who shared stories about the injuries they’d suffered as a result of taking the COVID jab.

September 10, 2021, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 posted a request on Facebook, asking people who had lost an unvaccinated loved one to COVID-19 to contact them for a story.

The post has received more than 241,000 comments and most are about someone who was injured or died from the COVID shot, or who got severe COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse who works for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is blowing the whistle on COVID jab injuries. Suspected vaccine injuries are not being reported, even though it’s required. In fact, few health care workers are familiar with this requirement and they don’t know how and where to file such reports.

Brandon Schadt, a Johnson & Johnson regional business lead, has been caught on tape saying children should not get the COVID jab, and media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about the shots.

Justin Durrant, a Johnson & Johnson scientist, agrees babies and young children don’t need the COVID shot, and tells the undercover reporter to not get the Johnson & Johnson COVID “vaccine”.

People Injured by COVID-19 Jab Share Their Horror Stories

Here’s another thing you ought to ask yourselves…how did previous pandemics end? For example, how did the Bubonic Plague end? The Small Pox Plague end? The Spanish Flu of 1918 end? The H2N2 epidemic of 1957…the H3N2 epidemic of 1968…How did they all end?

How the Covid pandemic ends: Scientists look to the past to see the future

But there were no flu vaccines in 1918, when the world didn’t yet know that the great influenza was caused by a virus, H1N1. In 1957, when the H2N2 pandemic swept the world, flu vaccine was mainly a tool of the military. In the pandemic of 1968, which brought us H3N2, the United States produced nearly 22 million doses of vaccine, but by the time it was ready the worst of the pandemic had passed, and demand subsided.

That “too little and too late”phenomenon played out again in 2009, when the world finally had the capacity to make hundreds of millions of doses of H1N1 vaccine; some countries canceled large portions of their orders because they ended up not needing them.

How did those pandemics end? The viruses didn’t go away; a descendent of the Spanish flu virus, the modern H1N1, circulates to this day, as does H3N2. Humans didn’t develop herd immunity to them, either. That’s a phenomenon by which a pathogen stops spreading because so many people are protected against it, because they’ve already been infected or vaccinated.

Instead, the viruses that caused these pandemics underwent a transition. Or more to the point, we did. Our immune systems learned enough about them to fend off the deadliest manifestations of infection, at least most of the time. Humans and viruses reached an immunological détente. Instead of causing tsunamis of devastating illness, over time the viruses came to trigger small surges of milder illness. Pandemic flu became seasonal flu.

The viruses became endemic.

How the Covid pandemic ends: Scientists look to the past to see the future

Look at it this way…you get the COVID-19 jab – the pharmaceutical concoction immediately goes into your bloodstream and deposits particles in your DNA, RNA first. There’s that pesky “hacking the software of life”…

Then the “vaccine” identifies itself to your immune system and informs your immune system to “step back, we got this”.

Here’s the caveat, the “vaccine” is only programmed to help fight COVID-19. So by previously telling your immune system to “step back, we got this” this vacation of sorts causes our immune system to weaken so when pneumonia, flu, bronchitis, etc. enter our bodies, our immune system is far too weak to fight it.

So are they, being the federal government, “all trying to kill us”? Based on precedent, it kind of looks that way…

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