When Idiocy Runs Amok

“NO” is a powerful word, that being said most people roar like lions yet slaughter like lambs. Just like the tough guys of Australia said they would never handover their weapons. Then some mousy cunt says hand them over and so they do. A spineless society creates their own demise.

And These Are Just A Few Of The Globalist Favorite Things:

The Plan
Tell People To Stay Home Until They Are Damn Near Mad.
Then Introduce Mandates.

No more so than in a small town where a group of liberals rule the roost. Their commitment to stupidity is second to none.

Case in point:

This upcoming event was created, sponsored and run by a group of concerned parents and their children. The flyer was even created by children. Yes, “Clause” is spelled incorrectly- but since they’re children, I cut them some husk.


1. willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.

2. relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

How ironic because now the concept of being “liberal” has become perverse. Either you you agree with today’s liberal or you’re vilified and harassed; this even applies to children. Yes, liberals’ hatred to free thought if its not in alignment with their own even “ideals” applies to attacking children.

I posted this flyer on one of our community Facebook pages because after all, it’s a community event. One benefit to living in a free country: freedom of choice. If you don’t like a post – you don’t have to look at or even respond to it. If you don’t want to go to an event – you don’t have to attend.

That’s not good enough for today’s “liberal”. Within minutes the small town’s liberals amassed on to the post like vultures to roadkill.

So now a gentleman (using the term loosely) whose avatar is that of the movie, Dumb and Dumber, felt the need to state that people whom are exercising their 1st Amendment rights and don’t agree with government mandates are hillbillies, old farts, and religious zealots have room temperature IQ. Why? For the simple fact because since he doesn’t agree with them, they’re automatically wrong.

Here’s my response:

I made it clear several times throughout my post that we ALL have the freedom of choice. Don’t like the post – don’t read it. Don’t like the event, don’t go. Even other posters, like in my next picture echo that sentiment- but yet the “liberals” whom in theory ought to embrace a difference of opinion – won’t let it go. They have to inject their ugliness and pettiness into the forum.

“Addlepatted blinkards”? She must have whipped out her Webster’s Dictionary for that witty repartee…yet again another libtard (a perversion of the classic liberal) regressing to archaic name calling because OUR First Amendment right only applies if we agree with them. Side bar: with a hair cut/style like that, she’s the LAST person to be commenting about blinkards…

It gets even better:

WHAT?! A group of individuals whom don’t want to wear a mask or comply with government mandates on vaccine, they’re now “bio-terrorists”? Seriously?

This woman must be a complete and utter idiot, stone cold delusional or most probably, a combination of both; especially considering COVID-19 originated in a lab owned by the Chi-com and was manipulated into potential germ warfare. Think of this – the “research” conducted in said lab was only done so because it was outlawed in every other country…

Remember, if you cannot or are not allowed to question science, its theories or its hypotheses, it’s not science.

So even AFTER the libtard was notified that children created this flyer, she would not let up. Even after another poster called her out…the woman doubled down and continued her onslaught berating the children. Once again, this libtard demonstrates that YOUR opinions only count when they are in alignment with THEIRS.

Yet again, another libtard making fun of children. You can see my response…

This bottle blonde however decided to branch out her belittling talents by harassing a disabled Veteran, even AFTER he informed her of his status. He attempted to post the same flyer I did on the same community page. He since took it down, but not before I saw what she had to say.

Naturally, taking a page out of the libtard playbook, she started with insulting his intelligence and calling him names. Next, she went full idiot by referring to him as a “Russian bot infiltrating the community’s media”.

I think the peroxide done rattled her grey cells…what little she has.

This community she refers to is out in the middle of farm country (aka no where) with roughly 2,000 inhabitants. I highly doubt the Russians would waste their time, money and efforts with such little return on the investment.

As a side note, I was so angered by her vindictiveness that after he deleted the original post, I found the flyer and posted it myself that night in solidarity.

What makes the libtard idiocy, aka useful idiots, even more laughable at 137 comments (on my post) and growing?


So for those whom are often at their wit’s end with libtards and their circular logic, remember this…

Our 1st Amendment rights give everyone the ability to make asses out of themselves. Libtards just have that inherent talent. Use it to YOUR advantage.

Stand up for yourselves. Do NOT Go Gentle Into That Good Night. Use YOUR snark and hand it back to them. There’s no sense arguing with stupidity – just make fun of them. Call them out like the truculent bullies that they are.

Party on Patriots.

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