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Like many Americans, I’ve had enough. This is NOT the country I know. Subversives have taken over our government on local, state and federal levels to destroy our rights and perverse The Constitution. We’ve always been told, our power is our vote. After this election cycle, #fjb, I question the system’s integrity. I still love our country and am proud to be an American but I am thoroughly ashamed and disgusted beyond the pale of our alleged leaders (I use that term loosely).

WATCH: Former Disney artist EXPOSES Disney’s woke takeover in video parody

Remember when Democrats proposed in their multi-trillion spendathon that the IRS would track all transactions of $600 or more in personal bank accounts?

Well, they took a licking from the public, so they upped it to a still-absurd $10,000 in total yearly transactions.

This means they want the IRS prowling into bank accounts of everyone who has either deposits or withdrawals over an entire year totaling $10,000 or more, excluding wage income. This would affect most people above the age of 12 who have bank accounts and pay their bills. And even some under 12 who have lucrative paper routes.

But, not to worry. The Washington Post assures us in an editorial that, “These amendments underscore that the plan is not meant to target ordinary workers.”


They’re just going after all those billionaires that have $10,000 or more in yearly outflows or inflows. No one else.

Remember, this is the paper that knew full well that the Russian collusion story was a Clinton hoax and yet pushed it for years to take down President Trump.

They still repeat the lie that the January 6 Capitol riot was an “armed insurrection” aimed at “destroying democracy.”

Robert Knight, the Washington Times

If one were to write a fine dystopian Sci-Fi novel, here would be a killer (pun intended) outline:

Phase 1: Simulate a threat and create fear. (December 2019-March 2020)

-Induce a pandemic in China.

-Kill tens of thousands of older people.

-Increase in the number of cases and deaths.

-Consider vaccination from the beginning as the only solution.

-Focus on Covid-19.

-The result, (almost) general panic.

Phase 2: Sow the weeds and divide. (March 2020-December 2020)

-Introduction of many unnecessary, libertine and unconstitutional coercive measures.

-Paralyze trade and the economy.

-Observe the subordination of the majority and the resistance of the rebellious minority.

-Stigmatize the rebels and create a horizontal division.

-Censorship of dissident leaders.

-Punish disobedience.

-Generalization of PCR tests.

-Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead.

-Disqualify all effective treatments.

-Hopes for a rescue vaccine.

-The result is (almost) general panic.

Phase 3: Delivers a treacherous and deadly solution. (December 2020-June 2021)

-Offer everyone a free vaccine.

-They promise protection and return to normal.

-Set a target for vaccination of the herd. Simulation of a partial economic recovery.

-Hide statistics on side effects and deaths from injections.

-Making injection side effects “natural”. effects of the virus and the disease.

-Restore the concept of a variant as a natural mutation of the virus.

-Justify the maintenance of coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold.

-Punish health professionals for illegal care and treatment.

-The result is doubts and feelings of betrayal among those vaccinated, discouraging opponents.

Phase 4: Install the Apartheid application and QR code. (June 2021-October 2021)

-Voluntarily plan the shortage.

-Introduction of a vaccination card (QR code), which will reward the vaccinated and punish the resistant.

-Create apartheid privileged against others. Remove the right to work or study for those who have not been vaccinated.

-Remove basic services for those who are not vaccinated.

-Introduction of PCR payment tests for non-vaccinated persons.

-Result, The first phase of digital control, impoverishment of opponents.

Phase 5: Establishment of chaos and martial law. (November 2021-March 2022)

-Take advantage of the lack of goods and food. It will cripple the real economy and close factories and shops.

-Let unemployment explode.

-Apply the third dose of vaccine (boosters). Engage in the murder of living old men.

-Introduction of compulsory vaccination for all. Strengthen the myth of variants, vaccine efficacy and herd immunity.

-Demonize vaccine opponents and hold them responsible for the dead.

-Arrest of opposition leaders.

-Introduction of a digital identity for everyone (QR code): Birth certificate, ID card, passport, driver’s license, health insurance card.

-Introduce martial law to defeat the opposition.

Result, Second stage of digital control. Imprisonment or removal of opponents.

C. Z. Kerberos
Man made Viral Germ warfare

JaxPort is also stepping up to offer incentives to businesses who want to move their products through the port, and one business has already taken the bait.

For the first time in a long time, a European-based container shipping company is rerouting to JaxPort. That will bring in 1,000 more containers a week.

DeSantis and the CEO of JaxPort said Florida ports are not dealing with the same type of log jams as other ports in places like California.

They say Florida has the space to include additional shipping and to help alleviate the supply chain congestion, that’s leading to lengthy delays and companies not getting their products on time

As supply chain issues continue, DeSantis says Florida ports are open for business

…Yesterday, we wrote about an email from MSU’s Dean of Students and parents telling them to choose their costumes wisely, warning them that “costumes can elicit trauma if they poke fun at the experiences of historical harm, bigotry or displacement.”

In their letter to adult students that provides guidelines about how they can or cannot dress for Halloween, they share a list of inappropriate Halloween costumes that include pandemic victims, body-shaming costumes, cultural stereotypes, or national tragedies. National tragedies???

So, no COVID costumes, and no Joe Biden costumes, because as most Americans know, Biden would fall under that category of “national tragedy.” And don’t even think about padding your costume to make yourself appear larger, as that may be considered. “body-shaming” by the MSU “experts” on hurt feelings.

Would it be okay for a white student to sit outside of a cafeteria in plain sight of students and administration at a major university anywhere in America with a sign that read: “Free Masks and Glove for WHITES ONLY!! $10 per mask for Black People!!” It’s a rhetorical question, of course, but one that must be asked by parents of kids who are routinely being bullied and shamed by fellow students and members of the faculty at colleges across America for the crime of being born White in Woke America.

MSU Student MeAnna Durham claims the outrageous, racist sign was designed as a ‘social experiment’ adding that it offered free masks and gloves to non-whites, to “demonstrate how minorities and disabled persons have been negatively impacted by the pandemic versus other groups. I wanted to reverse the privilege,” the student tweeted. (Her tweet is now hidden from the public)

White “Privilege” in “Higher Education”

My final thought…#FJB!!!

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