The Chi-Com Invasion: Slow Suicide of America

By: Nicholas C. Bozick, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Special Forces (USA) In the future, China will employ millions of American workers and dominate thousands of small communities all over the United States. Chinese acquisition of U.S. businesses set a new all-time record last year, and is on pace to shatter that record this year. The ChineseContinue reading “The Chi-Com Invasion: Slow Suicide of America”

Marvin Boggs: “Do you know what’s wrong with this country? Sarah Ross: They’re all trying to kill us? Marvin Boggs: Exactly!” – RED, Oct 15, 2010

While RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) was Action/Comedy movie (and one of my favorites), this work of fiction holds several kernels of truth. Are they, being the federal government, “all trying to kill us”? Let’s take a gander back in history… Looney Gas In the fall of 1924, five bodies from New Jersey were delivered toContinue reading “Marvin Boggs: “Do you know what’s wrong with this country? Sarah Ross: They’re all trying to kill us? Marvin Boggs: Exactly!” – RED, Oct 15, 2010”

Medicine: The New Political Science

What a calamitous week…the POSoTUS now is demanding that the all plebeians and government employees of his Kaiserreich get the “vaccine”. This will potentially effect 80 million Americans. However curiously, The United States Post Officers workers and Congress are exempt. Doocy: “Vaccines are required for people at a business with more than 100 people. ItContinue reading “Medicine: The New Political Science”

You Vill Comply Das Comrade

The POSoTUS is getting a wee bit too big for his britches…After his humiliation with the Afghanistan clusterfuck (and yes, Americans are still trapped there), he is waging a two pronged affront on the American people. And sure as shit the POSoTUS is doubling down… So We The People “are too small minded to governContinue reading “You Vill Comply Das Comrade”

Liberal Policies: Stupidity is Expensive

Hindsight is the historian’s necessary vice. Hilary Mantel If only the progressive left would subscribe to this fact…but only further prove that stupidity is America’s most expensive commodity. WORK MORE. Here’s the kicker large Corporations knew this was coming, so these non-working people hung themselves. They could have had well paying jobs, now they haveContinue reading “Liberal Policies: Stupidity is Expensive”

The POSoTUS: A National Embarrassment

To Whom It May Concern: I do hope the people who voted for this are happy. They obviously knew nothing about The POSoTUS’ 47-year record as a bad politician. The POSoTUS is incompetent and an embarrassment to America and the world. He and his Königreich shouldn’t be running a lemonade stand much less the country.Continue reading “The POSoTUS: A National Embarrassment”

Texas Abortion Law…Shag Responsibly

Sorry, not sorry as I agree with Texas’ approach. The libtard led media, ACLU and various Planned Parenthood groups are having their skivvies up in a bunch over this. Your body, your choice is correct, but the other heart beat is unable to make a choice for themselves, so you won’t be going it inContinue reading “Texas Abortion Law…Shag Responsibly”

Welcome to Pre-nahzi America…

All serfs will wear masks and take drugs they don’t want to. All serfs will communicate through channels which are controlled by the same people who are making the rules here in the U.S.  In Australia there is a nation wide man hunt for a man who decided to leave his apartment and was seenContinue reading “Welcome to Pre-nahzi America…”

The Warts on the Arse of Society…

By SB and GP Schebella If the Poltroon (aka the POSoTUS) did step down, would it really matter? Check out the current chart of presidential succession; you will realize just how up shit creek without a paddle we are with this Königreich. Some of the most vile and abhorrent warts on the ass that societyContinue reading “The Warts on the Arse of Society…”