It’s O’Biden’s America. We’re Just Living & Dying In It

The POSoTUS’s FUBAR withdrawal from Afghanistan is a national humiliation. “Dr. Amin al Haq, the former head of bin Laden’s Black Guard, was captured on video in a large convoy as it traveled through a checkpoint in Nangarhar province. Haq was accompanied by a large convoy of heavily armed Taliban fighters in brand new SUVs.Continue reading “It’s O’Biden’s America. We’re Just Living & Dying In It”

O’Biden, The Filthy Bastard.

by SB and GP Schebella ONLY 8 months in with this regime… Now into the third Ozbama Königreich, the regime continues to place blame on the previous administrations for their own chaos, courtesy of the progressive left wagging the dog. The POSoTUS forgoes all the contingencies Trump set up so he could have a photoContinue reading “O’Biden, The Filthy Bastard.”

The Great Appeaser and The Monstrous Propaganda Machine

“Lt. Col. Vindman went on national television and proactively attacked the Commander in Chief for partisan reasons. yet he kept his job. But Lt. Col. Scheller lost his command today for rightly demanding accountability from senior officers who allowed the Afghanistan disaster to unfold.” Wade Miller, USMC “A spokesman for the Taliban said that AfghansContinue reading “The Great Appeaser and The Monstrous Propaganda Machine”

The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Brobdingnagian Boondoggle

Some food for thought… First, the FDA acknowledges that while Pfizer has “insufficient stocks” of the newly licensed Comirnaty vaccine available, there is “a significant amount” of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine — produced under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) — still available for use. The FDA decrees that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine under the EUA should remainContinue reading “The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Brobdingnagian Boondoggle”

O’Biden, The POSOTUS aka Neville Chamberlain 2.0

The United States was a global power bar none…that is until O’Biden stepped in… Why is The POSOTUS allowing the Taliwackers to dictate to US? Now the world sees him groveling at the Taliwackers’ feet. Our country is now seen as weak. The Chi-com are calling US a “laughingstock”. We provide BILLIONS of dollars inContinue reading “O’Biden, The POSOTUS aka Neville Chamberlain 2.0”

Now That Pfizer is “Legit”…

For those whom are now demanding the unvaxxed to get the jab, just a reminder… Think it’s now deemed “safe”? “My name is Fred Corbin. I’m a professional race car engineer. I have a background in nuclear, biological and chemical weapons study. And I also have civil engineering, aerospace engineering and marine biology has coreContinue reading “Now That Pfizer is “Legit”…”

All By Design

This is the outcome that The POSOTUS and his Kaiserreich wanted. Make no mistake. The Taliwackers would not exist if it weren’t for Pakistan. “Since 2009, the U.S. government has committed over $5 billion in civilian assistance to Pakistan and over $1 billion in emergency humanitarian response. During Pakistan’s 2019-2020 fiscal year, the United StatesContinue reading “All By Design”

Battle of the Dunce(s)…

Courtesy of The POSOTUS and ALL of you whom elected this abhorrence into office. This is ALL on you- and I won’t (at least in this post) discuss the horrendous job O’Biden and his regime (aka Ozbama’s third Kaiserreich) has done on the domestic front… Perhaps Bruce needs to rethink what he meant by “status”…Continue reading “Battle of the Dunce(s)…”

White House Staff NOT Required to Get the “Vaccine”

What in the cold fuckery is this about? The hypocrisy abounds…So the POSOTUS is MANDATING to WE the People that come hell or high water WE have to get the “vaccine”. Better yet, the POSOTUS doubled down and mandated that ALL government employees, including our military get the jab. Apparently the very fine print states,Continue reading “White House Staff NOT Required to Get the “Vaccine””